Friday, April 22, 2011

Have you seen me lately?

I'm currently listening to the Counting Crows and trying to decide how to start this blog. In the end, I'm just diving in.

Because dude, there is a lot of exciting stuff going on right now.

My first novella, a M/M romance called Letting Go, is slated to be released from Dreamspinner Press in June. It's a story about grief, family, priorities and opening yourself up to love.

In addition, I just got my signed contract back from my next novella, Unacceptable Risk, which will be released by Samhain Press in Winter 2011. It's a M/F cyberpunk romance story, complete with a self-sacrificing heroine, a patient but lonely hero, shadowy corporations, cybernetics and lots of tech. I can't wait to share it with you!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the new blog. I'm hoping to share news about my writing and maybe some snippets of what I've been working on when I can.

Until next time,